2 mins with… Christina Thompson

Chris Thompson is a founder of New Zealand’s first Breast Lift Tape brand, Tits Up Tape! She shares her story with us below, as well as treating us to the supreme guide to Boob Tape!

Tell us about yourself, and how Tits Up Tape began

My name is Chris and I am the owner and founder of NZ based breast tape brand (with the name you just won’t forget) Tits Up Tape.

I had breast augmentation surgery cancelled in Thailand due to the pandemic in 2020, I found myself trawling the internet for alternatives when I came up with the idea to use tape to lift my bust. Essentially the $15,000 I had set aside for my surgery, I ended up using to develop Tits Up Tape. Since the official launch in August 2021, we have been so lucky to have such incredible success with the brand, we have an extremely close knit, highly engaged Instagram community and are a multi six figure business. 

What is exciting you most right now?

OMG so much – we have so many new products in the works. I’m off to China to go to the wedding of our Chinese agent (Jack) and then to attend the Canton Fair which is the world’s biggest trade show. And at the same time we are launching a ‘brand new’ brand on Thursday – Less Stressed Mama. Our first and hero product is a Formula Feeding Safety Thermos.

The supreme guide to Boob Tape!

  1. Clean and dry the area where you’ll be using your Tits Up tape. Do NOT using lotion, oil, or powder on your skin, befre you put it on (it won’t stick). Apply to clean dry skin only!
  2. Measure how much you will need and cut each piece around 5cm shorter as it’s super stretchy and the excess is annoying.
  3. Hold your boob where you want it to sit and tape it into place
  4. When removing the tape, peel it off slowly and gently. Also saturate in use an oil to help loosen the tape’s adhesive.
  5. In these situation a picture (in this case video) speaks a thousand words and you can check out our ‘how to’s’ in our Instagram highlights

What is your favourite quote or mantra?

Someone said this to me the other day and I just loved it so much:  

“If you’re not cringing at yourself, you are not trying hard enough”

What are you binging right now?

I’m a Tik Tok addict! But on a slightly more random note this week I have been really into the Runners Only podcast by Dom Harvey (I am not a runner in the absolute slightest) but have so far I loved his chats with Simone, Brodie Kane, Max Key, Leo Molly and Zac Guilford. 

Thanks so much Chris! If you are keen to check out Tits Up Tape for yourself, you can find out more about their whole range of ta-ta loving goodies and purchase them here. You can keep up to date with the latest goss, tips and how-to’s by following the Tits Up Tape crew on Instagram.


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