2 mins with… Sharna Salthouse

The lovely Sharna Salthouse is the founder of Pressing Nails, a NZ business created with the ultimate aim to save us time and money (while still looking fab). Uh, yes please!

If you haven’t tried press on nails, now is the time. Sharna tells us her story as well as sharing the what’s hot for nails coming into Winter..

Tell us how Pressing Nails began..

I started Pressing Nails during the Covid Level 4 Lockdown, after over 80 days with no nail salons! I had just bought my first home and one of the first things I had to cut out of the budget was spending $70 every 3 weeks to get my nails done.

I wanted to bring higher-quality press on nails to the market, that kept up to date with the latest trends, while saving everyone time and money. 

What is exciting you most right now?

Travelling all over New Zealand for expos this year!

Pressing Nails bestselling sets (L to R: Black French, French Tip, Belle, Ombre (Gel) and White Tip)

What is the current hot trend in nails?

We are finding that our customers are going for solid colors and short designs heading into winter.

Available at Tan In The City salons or on our online shop.

Check out the full range here, and see what catches your eye!

Tell us your favourite quote or mantra

Do the basics consistently, and do them well.

What are you binging right now?

I am currently binging the podcast “Working Hard, Hardly Working” by entrepreneur Grace Beverley.

Thanks again to Sharna for sharing her Pressing Nails story! We have a range of Pressing Nails press-on nail sets available here, so you can say hello to beautiful nails all year round. Each pack contains 24 nails (fits large, small, and average nails) alcohol wipe, small nail file, tube of glue, and 24 short wear stickers.

You can follow Sharna for all the hottest nail inspo and some behind the scenes sneak peeks on Pressing Nails’ Facebook, Instagram or TikTok.


Jessica Binnendyk

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