5 Daily Half-Hour Habits to Feel Fab Inside & Out

Hello Beautiful Souls, Life’s rhythm often sweeps us away, leaving little time for self-care and self-love. But guess what? With just 30 minutes a day, you can inject some ‘feel fabulous’ vibes into your routine. Here’s how: 🌸 1. Ultra Express 30-Min TanWho says you can’t glow on the go? Our Ultra Express 30-Min Tan […]

Confidence, mindset and just giving it a go!

The journey of starting (and running) a business is rewarding, but can be a bit of a rollercoaster! I adopted the philosophy that failure is not an option pretty early on in my Tan in the City journey and it has carried me through. Here are some things I have learned on my business journey, through both trial and error and from meeting some amazing, empowering women on the way. I hope that these might help you unleash your inner badass on whatever path you are on!

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Tan On Tour – Ultimate Guide to Your Long Lasting Tan

Here are our top tips for keeping your tan looking great for as long as possible over winter or whilst you are traveling! Exfoliate before application – this is so important, especially during winter months or traveling when the chances of having dryer skin is more likely. Some exfoliants can dry out the skin so make […]

The ULTIMATE guide to your wedding day glow

Here comes the (golden, glowing..) bride! Tan In The City are the pros when it comes to flawless wedding day glows. We are just winding down from the most incredible wedding season and we adore making sure all our beautiful brides are glowing and gorgeous on their big day.  We have had the honour of […]

2 mins with… Sharna Salthouse

Sharna Salthouse is the founder of Pressing Nails, a NZ business created with the ultimate aim to save us time and money (while still looking fab). Uh, yes please! If you haven’t tried press on nails, now is the time. Sharna tells us her story as well as sharing the what’s hot for nails coming into Winter..

2 minutes with… The Ali Ward

Ali Ward is an incredible NZ interior designer, and also the founder of Corner Room Design, where she creates and sources original art pieces that are affordable and accessible. We asked her some questions about art and interior design, and choosing the right artwork for your space.