Hot Tips To Elevate Your Mood From Low Vibe To VIBRANT!

Low vibes and in a funk? We have compiled a list of some easy things for you to try so you can get back to your beautiful, VIBRANT self!

Get musical!

We have all experienced the magic of having our mood changed by certain music.  Some music can make us feel sad and emotional or bring up memories, other music may be just what you need when you are feeling mad and need to release some pent up rage. And some music just makes you HAPPY! Pick some music that you know will bring in the good vibes to your day. If you don’t know where to start, hit up Spotify and search ‘mood booster playlist’ and you’ll find a whole heap of pre-curated playlists full of 90’s hits and happy bangers that will be sure to put a smile on your face. Even better, use that music to move your body!  A good boogie (even in your living room, or car) gets the blood moving  and releases endorphins which is what we are all after to pump up the feel-good vibes.  So turn up the tunes, baby!

Get sunshine!

It can seem almost too simple, but there have been studies to show the benefits of fresh air and Vitamin D to help with regulating your mood.  The most beneficial time of day to soak up the sun is actually first thing in the morning, soon after you have woken up.  If you can get outside for a few minutes straight after waking, get sunshine on your face (taking some slow, deep breathes for bonus mood boosting points!) you may find that you feel calmer and more regulated, and more ready and inspired to take on the day. Cold, rainy and no sunshine to be seen? There are still some great perks to letting that cold air hit your face and lungs, so take your hot cuppa outside and enjoy a few invigorating deep breaths to start (or even reset) your day.

Get energised!

Good sleep patterns, eating nutrient dense meals and keeping hydrated are key to keeping energy levels and mood as balanced as possible.  Sometimes we could use a little extra help to give our energy a boost, and that’s where the Hello Energy supplements from My All Everyday will become your absolute BFF!  They are all natural, and the targeted formula has been scientifically researched to help you feel more energetic and switched on, with a clearer mind (and without any of the jittery, anxious side effects that you can get from things you would often reach for when low on energy, like caffeine or sugar). Grab yourself a pack here and gain some more pep in your step!

Get bendy!

Got a spare 20 minutes?  Instead of using that time scrolling (and most likely dropping your mood even further), try a quick energising yoga session.  We love Yoga with Adriene on YouTube, but there are thousands of free videos out there that you could choose from. You don’t need much space or equipment, and you will be so stoked with yourself at the end of it.  Finish with a big glass of water and bask in the post-yoga glow!

If yoga isn’t your thing, you could try pilates, a quick HIIT session, or even a dance-based workout. Anything that gets your heart pumping will help clear your mind, release the feel-good happy hormones and will actually give you more energy than you had before you started. We call that a win-win!

Get social!

Sometimes when we are low in energy, our motivation to actually get ourselves out the door and facing the real world can feel like a big ask.  But smiling at strangers, catching up with a good friend for a coffee or a bite to eat can do more for you vibe than you may think.  If you are lucky enough to have a friend that feels like sunshine, give them a call or make plans to do something fun and exciting that you can look forward to. Is there a class you have had in the back of your mind that even though you think about it regularly, you haven’t quite been brave enough to sign up to yet?  Salsa dance class, pottery, Italian cooking, aerial gymnastics, hot yoga.. Take this as a sign to just do it – take a risk, shake things up, try something new!

Get golden!

If there is one thing that we know for sure, it is that having a beautiful tan can make you feel ah-ma-zing! We have a whole range of tanning products and accessories that make getting that vibrant glow by tanning at home easy-peasy – check them out here! Or if you are nearby one of our three salons, why not treat yourself to a spray tan by the Tan In The City team. You’ll walk out feeling a million bucks!

Our mood and energy levels naturally dip now and then, but we are lucky that there are lots of little ways we can support our systems and bring back the vibrancy we feel might have dimmed.  Remember to be gentle on yourself (the whole world is going through a lot right now) and just focus on giving your body the best chance it can to feel great.  Load up on a nutrient packed smoothie, light that beautifully scented candle that you were saving for ‘special occasions’, wear that bright, sparkly top that makes you feel amazing, slap on that red lippie, have a dance party in your car on the way to work.  Life is too short to not do all the things that make you feel alive and vibrant.

If your low mood and energy levels seem to be hanging around or getting worse, it may be a good time to have a chat to your trusted healthcare professional.  They will be able to assess what is going on for you and will assist with setting you up with other strategies that can be really beneficial to your general well-being.


Jessica Binnendyk

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