Skin preparation is an essential step to getting the most out of your tan. Not sure where to start? Don’t panic! Spray tan prep is simple once you know all the tips and tricks, and we’ve got you covered. Our fake tan tips below will help you prepare for your appointment and ensure a streak-free look. 

After tan care is just as important as the preparation. A tan can be easily spoiled by rain or clothes that are too tight. 

Read our “dos and don’ts” list below to ensure your tan stays fabulous for longer. 


Exfoliate as much as you can leading up to your tan.
Moisturise A LOT… EXCEPT the day of your tan – nothing should be on your skin the day you come for your tan
* WARNING* … avoid using Aveeno moisturiser prior to your tan as it reacts with the bronzers and you end up green (this is just a reaction and does not affect the end result of your tan but best to be avoided.)

Deodorant will also turn green so where you can please refrain from using this on the day of your tan.

Drink plenty of fluids to keep your skin hydrated

Shave prior to your tan (at least 8 hours if possible) and if getting a wax at least 12 hours prior.


Wear/bring some loose fitting clothes – Our Kaftans available to purchase in salon or online are the perfect option – and are a great addition to any wardrobe Dark clothing is preferable but any tan that transfers to your clothes will wash out as it is water based.

We recommend using moisturizer every day over your tan to help keep the skin nice and hydrated and keep your tan looking and
lasting as long as possible. We sell a Tan Extend product also that can be applied as a moisturiser but it contains our high quality DHA in it that extends the life of your tan.

It is best to not put a bra on straight away…. you have been warned 😉

If it is wet out.. Bring an umbrella – or park very close by – we will of course do our best to get you to your car dry. Think the more clothes the better when it is raining too – clothing will NOT damage your tan but water will.

If you are getting a 8 hour tan then allow 8 hours to develop (this means no shower and avoiding water and exercise)

If you are getting a fast tan then you may shower anywhere from 1 – 5 hours depending on the product we put you in

After your tan the care you take in the first few developing hours makes all the difference… see ‘Getting the best out of your tan’ to get more on after care for your new, lovely golden fabulous tan!

Getting the best out of your tan

Should I exfoliate before I get my tan?

People get a little carried away with exfoliation and they scrub their body till it is red. There really is no need for this to happen.
A shower with a face cloth over the body leading up to and on the day before your tan is the best outcome.

Should I shave before I come?

It is advised to shave or wax the day before you come so your pores have time to close over properly again.

What about lotions, perfumes and under arm deodorants?

Don’t wear any of these before your tan as it will hinder the solution browning the skin.

Tan Killers

  • Long hot showers or baths
  • Using any product with AHA in it
  • Baby oil
  • High UV sunscreens (but remember you are not protected from the suns harmful rays)
  • Dove body wash has been know to take tan off as it had AHA exfoliant in it
  • Swimming in chlorinated pools
  • Lying around in the sand and swimming all day (but hey that’s why you got the tan right?)

Making your tan last as long as possible…

Your tan should last for around 7-10 days if you look after it. If for some reason you get less there could be a valid reason for this. Your skins PH balance plays a big part in how your tan takes. If your skins PH is out then that can affect this, things like diet and medication and hormones can all attribute to this. We have a great Tan Prep PH Balancing primer we can use if you notice this issue of your tan not lasting like it should.

We recommend using moisturizer every day over your tan to help keep the skin nice and plump and keep your tan looking and
lasting as long as possible. We sell a Tan Extend product also that can be applied as a moisturiser that extends the life of your tan.

Removing your tan…

People have claimed that lemon juice, nappy san , toothpaste, baby oil and even sugar can remove their tans. (none of this is advised)

All as you need in your cupboard to remove any stubborn or built up tan is our foaming Tan remover and exfoliating mitt. Apply it to dry skin wait 15-30 mins and then gently exfoliate the bad vibes away – no more wondering how many showers it’s going to take.

If you have had a bad tan that may be to dark or not the colour for you (apart from recommending you should of come to us for your tan ;:) we recommend that you apply our Foaming Tan Remover for only 5 mins then jump in the shower to rinse and to tone down the tan.