Tan On Tour – Ultimate Guide to Your Long Lasting Tan

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Here are our top tips for keeping your tan looking great for as long as possible over winter or whilst you are traveling!

Exfoliate before application – this is so important, especially during winter months or traveling when the chances of having dryer skin is more likely. Some exfoliants can dry out the skin so make sure you moisturize asap post shower. I would recommend a dry brush or exfoliating gloves for the best result.

Hydrate your body – apply a great moisturizer daily and don’t use soaps that dry out your skin. We have our Black Magic favs Nourish and tan Xtend. Just be sure to make sure you are dry before putting on your clothes.

Extend your tan with our daily moisturisers – Nourish and Xtend

Hydrate from the inside out – Celery juice is great for not only hydration, but also has great hormonal benefits. It should be the first thing your consume (yes before coffee) wait 30 minutes and then get your caffeine fix. 

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Jessica Binnendyk

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