The ULTIMATE guide to your wedding day glow

Here comes the (golden, glowing..) bride!

Tan In The City are the pros when it comes to flawless wedding day glows. We are just winding down from the most incredible wedding season and we adore making sure all our beautiful brides are glowing and gorgeous on their big day. 

We have had the honour of tanning hundreds of brides-to-be over the years, so we have a few hot tips to share on when and how to get the best looking tan possible to ensure walking down that aisle will feel all the more dreamy!

Trials are key!

We always recommend coming in for a trial tan a number of weeks before your wedding day.  The reason for this is not because we are worried we won’t get it right, but it is because we know from many years of experience that it gives our brides confidence and peace of mind knowing what their tan will look like on their wedding day. We know that you will likely have a big list of wedding prep items on your mind, so once you have nailed the trial tan you can cross thinking about your tan off your list completely as you will know it is going to be perfect – one less thing to worry about!

Another benefit of doing your trial tan a few weeks before your big day is that IF there was something you wanted to change, we can easily do another trial to get it just right. We have an amazing range of shade options, and will do a full consultation in the salon to assess your needs before hand-picking a solution to match your skin tone and give you your desired result. We will do everything we can to make the whole process fun and empowering, so you will head out of the salon feeling like the goddess you are.

– Bonus tip –

A great time to have your trial tan is before wedding dress shopping or a fitting, so you are feeling fabulous, sun-kissed and confident when slipping into that dress in front of the mirror.  Or why not do a trial tan before your hens do celebrations – we all know how many photos are taken at those, so all the better reason to be beautifully bronzed and looking fabulous!

Before the big day..

We suggest getting your wedding tan 2 days before your wedding (like any event tan).  This is so that you will have had a couple of showers before saying ‘I do’ to ensure the bronzers are all washed off and the tan is looking its absolute best.  In the days before your nuptials, there is often a lot to coordinate and it can be confusing to know what order to do those final beauty touches – the great news is that nails can be done before your tan, as we take great care to rub off any tan from your event-ready nails (especially if they are a light colour) to keep them looking pristine.

We have also put together a fail-proof guide to prepping your skin before a tan, and the ideal after care to make the most of your golden glow.  You can check out all our best tips and tricks to a long lasting, even and streak-free tan here.

It’s true that it can feel like there is a lot of pressure when it comes to looking your very best on your big day, so let us take the stress out of planning your wedding tan.  We believe that a great tan is that final accessory to highlight your most confident self on one of the best days of your life. Here at Tan in the City our promise is ‘no orange & no bad tan stories’, and we are experts in ensuring a perfect, streak free look every time.

Get in touch with the team at one of our three stunning Tan In The City salons here, and we can help you with booking in that pre-wedding glow up for you (and your bridesmaids!) so that your appointments all work perfectly around your wedding date.


Jessica Binnendyk

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