Top tips to keep your summer skin glowing no matter the weather

There is a definite chill in the air, which can only mean one thing – Summer is on it’s way out and the winter months are rolling on in.

If you aren’t ready to let go of your summer skin glow, we are here to help!

Beautiful skin comes from having a varied and balanced diet (think colourful fruit, fresh nutrient packed vegetables and lots of healthy fats), keeping hydrated to flush out toxins and keep your cells plump and supple, and being mindful of sun exposure and chemicals.

We have put together a quick list of 5 simple foods you can easily add into your diet this Autumn to help keep your skin looking bright and beautiful, no matter the weather.


Kumara (or Sweet Potato) is packed full of Vitamin A, which helps encourage normal skin cell development and healthy skin tone. Chop, season and roast a tray of these beauties and add them to your meals to gain the skin-loving benefits all throughout your week.  Bulk up a salad, have them alongside your eggs for breakfast, kumara fries or just as a tasty side to have with your midweek dinner


Avocados are one of the world’s most nutrient-dense plant foods. Recent studies have even shown that daily avocado consumption can lead to improved elasticity and firmness to the facial skin.  Smashed avo, anyone?
This is a versatile little gem and is delicious on a slice of hearty wholegrain toast, guacamole, in a salad or even frozen in chunks and added to smoothies or soups to add a creamy texture with a boost of healthy fats.

Seeds and Nuts

An amazing source of vitamin E, selenium, and zinc (to name a few!), nuts and seeds are an excellent addition to your glowing skin diet.
On top of being a tasty wee snack by themselves, try adding them into your smoothies, in baking or by sprinkling them on top of roast vege salads or soups.


The beta carotene in carrots not only helps your eyes to adjust in the dark, but your skin adores the Vitamin A too! We love to have a container of pre-cut carrots and hummus in the fridge, ready to go for a quick and healthy snack.  They are also so easy to grate and add to just about anything: pasta sauces, stews, fritters, muffins, and they are a perfect addition to all those warming winter meals!

Dark Chocolate

Treat yourself guilt-free to a couple of squares of a good quality dark chocolate, ideally at least 70% cocoa.  Full of beneficial antioxidants, the rich cocoa hydrates and smooths as well as improving the blood flow of your skin. Plus it is delicious – bonus!

Keeping your body hydrated is absolutely essential to clear, plump and healthy looking skin.  We know you have heard it a million times, but ensuring you are drinking plenty of water throughout the day truly will help with the condition and clarity of your skin (not to mention that the rest of your body will thank you for keeping topped up with H2O too!). 

It can often feel harder to drink water as the weather cools down, so try mixing it up by adding in flavoured water drops or you could swap out your usual glass of water to a coconut water, a hot herbal tea, or even a broth-based soup.  Your skin will soak it up and absolutely love you for it!

During the cold months our skin can take a hammering from the sudden temperature changes.  We often go from sitting in front of a heater to being blasted with cold wind once we step outside, both of which are a sure fire way to dry out our skin. 

To combat this, make sure you are giving your skin some extra love this time of year and slather yourself in a good quality moisturizer to help restore some moisture and protect your skin from the elements.

Taking care of your skin doesn’t have to be time consuming or expensive.  It is as simple as being mindful of what you are putting in and on your body, adding in a few extra skin-loving foods to your diet where you can, and keeping hydrated – you will be glowing and feeling good no matter how dreary the weather gets!

And if you want to stay Summer bronzed all year long or for a special event, book in to one of our beautiful salons for a spray tan, or grab some Black Magic Tan here so you can keep your tan topped up at home.


Jessica Binnendyk

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