What to wear DURING and AFTER your tan for a flawless glow

Nudey Rudey, Disposable G or BYO? We asked our Tan Addicts what they prefer to wear when getting a spray tan, and the results are in..

Plus we have some advice on what to wear after your spray tan, as well as how to prep your skin for the best looking (and longest lasting) glow.  

What do I wear during my spray tan?

When getting a spray tan, there are three main options for what you wear (or don’t wear) in the booth. 

  • – Au naturale (aka Nudey Rudey!)
  • – Disposable G (supplied to you at the salon)
  • – BYO (bring your own underwear or swimwear to wear during your spray tan)

It is completely up to you as to what you wear in the booth. Feeling embarrassed about baring it all? Don’t worry, our only job is to make you feel your glowing best, so we make sure that the whole process is fun and empowering. 

We asked our Tan Addicts on our Instagram what they like to wear while getting their spray tan, and the results are in..

  • 40% Nudey Rudey
  • 50% Disposable G
  • 10% Own underwear/swimwear

Pretty interesting, right?!

Ok, so what do I wear after my tan?

So now you know what most people are wearing during their spray tan, how about what to wear after? Well, first and foremost we definitely recommend going bra free!

Bring along something that is loose, easy to chuck on (think button up or a throw over dress), that isn’t tight or too fiddly. One of our OG Tan Addicts rocks up to the salon in her white, fluffy dressing gown! Whips it off for her spray tan, then chucks it back on before heading back to her car – snuggly, warm, and protects her tan.

From L to R: Leopard Mid Length Kaftan, Shirt Dress Button Up Kaftan, Long Crisscross Kaftan, and Long Grecian Goddess Kaftan

For the ultimate post-tan outfit, you truly cannot go past a floaty, comfortable kaftan.  You can rock them bra free, they are loose and breathable for that freshly tanned skin, and they look gorgeous.  They also wash really well, so you don’t need to worry about any of your tan transferring onto the fabric. If you don’t have your own yet, we stock some beauties in our salons that you can purchase, or you can snap one up right here.  They are ideal to wear after a tan (either in the salon, or tanning at home). And the best part is that they are easy to dress up, super cute over togs at the beach or sauntering about on holiday AND super comfy for just mooching around home, all while looking like a Grecian Goddess. They tick all the boxes, and we know you’ll get a heap of wear out of these!

We have a great range of Kaftan styles (long, short and button up) in lots of beautiful prints. Click here to see our Kaftans, and grab yours today.

How do I make my tan last longer?

We are all about getting that perfect, streak-free, flawless tan here at Tan In The City. There are a few tips and tricks we have learned over the years that you can do before and after a tan to keep it looking lush for longer.

Before your tan..

  • – Shave or wax the day before your tan, so your pores have time to close up again
  • – Gently exfoliate in the shower before your tan (don’t go overboard, just a facecloth and bodywash on your body will do!)
  • – Moisturise a lot in the days prior to your tan to get your skin plump and even, but do not put moisturiser on your skin on the day of your tan
  • – No lotions, perfumes or underarm deodorants on the day of your tan. Keep your skin clean and clear, so the tanning solution can do its thing without any interference from other products.

After your tan..

  • – Don’t wear a bra straight away
  • – Wear loose and floaty clothing, like our Kaftans
  • – Follow the advice from our Tan experts in the salon as to when is best to shower (the timing of this depends on which tanning product we have used)
  • – If it’s raining when you are getting your tan, be extra careful to not get wet when leaving the salon!
  • – Hydrate! Keep your skin topped up with a good moisturiser every day to help keep your skin looking lovely and to keep your tan glowing for as long as possible. The Black Magic Tan Nourish body moisturiser is brilliant for this! We also sell a great Tan Extend product that can be applied as a moisturiser that extends the life of your tan – check it out here!

Some good skin preparation before your tan, as well as maintaining the tan with moisturiser will all help to prolong your gorgeous glow.

Here at Tan In The City, we use and LOVE Black Magic Tans, which have been made with natural and organic ingredients, and are paraben, alcohol and fragrance free. All Black Magic Tans are 100% vegan friendly. Our expertise ensures a perfect, streak free look every time.

Time to get yourself golden? BOOK NOW at one of our three gorgeous salons (Ponsonby, Reumera and Christchurch).


Jessica Binnendyk

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